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Decorating with Chrome

Desk and chair with gold chrome legs.

Add some shine to a room with this chic finish

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate sleek and modern touches to a room, you can’t go wrong with chrome. This striking metal adds a contemporary spark of luxe that demands attention—with its shiny surfaces reflecting and amplifying a room’s aesthetics. And once you start shopping, you’ll find chrome furniture and accents everywhere, from home furnishing stores to thrift shops.

When it comes to shiny, though, subtle is better—meaning, don’t go full-blown chrome at once. Start with a few chrome pieces that you can easily swap out or move around if you feel like they’re not working with the room’s vibe. (Keep in mind that you can also mix metals—you don’t need to stick with solely chrome.)

Framed mirrors, candlesticks, accents bowls, wall art, vases and planters are all great choices for adding a hint of chrome to a space without overwhelming it. And if something doesn’t look the way you thought it would? Simply find another home for it in a different room. 

If you’ve decided you want to showcase chrome in more than just accent pieces, you have a whole host of options. You’ll find dining and side chairs with chrome frames or legs, chrome side tables (usually with glass tabletops), as well as chrome table and floor lamps. 

Really want to commit to chrome? Consider chrome light fixtures or chrome drapery rods and hardware. You could even swap out powder room or bathroom cabinet hardware for polished chrome. 

Whatever direction you choose to go, just make sure to balance chrome with neutral tones, soft textures and natural materials, to balance out the polished look of your chrome pieces.

Coffee table with chrome décor. Add a regal look with thoughtfully selected accents.
Coffee table with chrome features. Use a chrome coffee table to create a focal point.
Chrome light fixtures. Illuminate a space with eye-catching fixtures.

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